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Land Rover lease deals


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View all Discovery SUVs
Discovery SUV
11 vehicles found from £371.18 exc VATNo personal prices
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Discovery Sport SUV
56 vehicles found from £248.12 exc VATNo personal prices
View all Range Rover SUVs
Range Rover SUV
11 vehicles found from £651.40 exc VATNo personal prices
View all Range Rover Evoque SUVs
Range Rover Evoque SUV
25 vehicles found from £263.80 exc VATNo personal prices
View all Range Rover Sport SUVs
Range Rover Sport SUV
8 vehicles found from £497.75 exc VATNo personal prices
View all Range Rover Velar SUVs
Range Rover Velar SUV
48 vehicles found from £379.07 exc VATNo personal prices

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Land Rover is a British auto manufacturer that produces luxury SUVs. It came into existence in 1948 and later it was bought by Jaguar that gave birth to Jaguar Land Rover. However, by 2008 the entire company was bought by the Indian auto manufacturer Tata.

Land Rover was commissioned entirely to produce vehicles that were capable of conquering any terrain be it gravel or asphalt. The company has climbed the ladder of success becoming one of the top SUV producers in the world. Their sales have risen slowly but steadily over the years taking them ever so close to SUV world dominance.

Land Rover competes against the likes of Jeep and Mercedes G-Class. The British company does not have a long list of models but those that it produces are remarkable in their own right. Notable models include the Defender, Discovery, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Velar, Ranger Rover Sport, and Range Rover.

The Land Rover Defender is perhaps the most prominent of them all because of its boxy aesthetic.

There’s no simpler way to drive a brand new vehicle


You work with a member of our friendly consultant team to choose the best deal for you & decide if you'd like to include a maintenance plan.


When you are happy with the profile (duration, advance payment, mileage) you have chosen, we will apply to open a credit line and place your order.


You will be offered a choice of delivery dates, YOU choose one which is best for you. Your shiny new car is delivered to your door.

The advantages of Land Rover leasing.

  • Flexible initial payment
  • Fixed term contract
  • Fixed mileage contract
  • Fixed cost motoring
  • Flexible profiles to suit you
  • You only pay for the use of the vehicle
  • At the end of your contract simply hand the vehicle back
  • Option of including maintenance with the contract
  • No depreciation or disposal risk

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Land Rover Leasing

Regal Autolease delivers fantastic car leasing offers on all Land Rover models to our private [PCH] and business [BCH] customers. Our friendly team of loved consultants will help you to find the best Land Rover lease for you.

Take advantage of our quick and easy process.

When you have selected your ideal Land Rover deal, apply for a credit line using our super user-friendly application form. We'll run through everything with you before carrying out the necessary credit checks. When your credit is approved (typically the same day) we will order and match your Land Rover , arrange your contract and delivery to your door.

Click on the images above to view our fantastic car leasing deals on the Land Rover range.

Land Rover Maintenance

Choosing a "motion Gauranteed"maintenance package assures you of the very best personal service during your lease contract.

Vehicles are serviced and maintained through the Land Rover network of approved dealerships and service centres. Alternatively vehicles can be serviced and maintained through our network of BOSCH garages nationwide which use OEM parts and genuine manufacturing parts. Once manufacturers warranty expires your Motion Maintenance Contract will cover warranty repair work for the fourth and fifth year. Tyres are provided by National Tyre and Autocare Centre’s nationwide.


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