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Vehicle Leasing For Poor Credit Business and Start-Ups

We are able to offer funding to businesses of all shapes and sizes. We do not use a typical 'tick box' exercise when underwriting our customers. Here at Regal Autolease we look at the history and more importantly the future of the business. If we can see success in the future we will look to underwrite the deal.

Some of our best customers started with us at only 3 months old, are based abroad or had an adverse balance sheet when we first met. We know that working with our customers rather than using them will help all parties to grow from strength to strength.

What is poor credit car leasing?

Even with less-than-perfect credit rating, you can now apply for car finance with bad credit and lease your next vehicle with Regal.

Credit scores reflect the risk that lenders take when offering poor credit car finance, meaning a strong repayment record will normally result in a good credit history and thus a higher credit rating, showing the lenders’ confidence that their money will be paid back.

Other factors that affect your credit score include:

- County Court Judgements (CCJ)
- Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)
- Bankruptcies
- Stability with your address and electoral roll
- Stability in the age of your accounts

The more stable your situation is, the more creditworthy you are likely to appear to potential lenders. Lenders feel more at risk when lending to someone with a poor credit score as opposed to lending to those with good credit. As a result, rates will be higher, and a deposit may be required to cover the risk of not keeping up with payments.

How can Regal help you get a car with "subprime" credit?

We have specialist account managers trained to work with a wide range of credit and financial backgrounds. Your allocated account manager will work hard to find you a vehicle and finance plan most suited to your budget and requirements.

We can offer you the very best chance of approval for a bad credit lease or finance agreement. We assess your application prior to sending it to be approved to ensure you face the best chances of being approved.

You will be considered for approval whether you have missed payments, CCJs or defaults.

All credit considered.

Frequently Asked Questions about poor credit car finance

Q: Can I lease a car if I have poor or bad credit?

A: Yes, you can.
We have a wide range of bad credit leasing options on a wide range of cars available for you to choose from. Our aim is to help all customers by considering all credit types so hopefully, we can help you.

Q: Can you lease any car or are you restricted on choice?

A: As we consider both credit and affordability, if we think you can afford a deposit and the monthly payments required to lease the car, you can have it.

Is your business a Start-Up or has a Low Credit Score?

We are here to help!

Connect with us by 'phone, email, "chat" or send us your details through this form, our account managers will be pleased to hear form you and give you all the help you need.

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